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February 27th, 11:46 am

Check out #Voterizer #Register #proud #Democrats #VoteBlue ... See MoreSee Less

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Registered 😁

Paula, yes. Feel worn out from all the opposition. Going to have Shamrock Shake to revive and then listen to Phoebe Snow records.


Thank you Paula.

Lifelong progressive feminist Democrat, Paula! 💪

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February 27th, 11:27 am

Yesterday my dog Moe and I walked 40 blocks. Today we walked 50 blocks. However, one of us ate Whoppers during part of the walk. ... See MoreSee Less

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I love whoppers!!

I love whoppers!

I know who ate the Whoppers, and good for you for taking such a long walk!

Oh sure, blame it on the dog, I guess he ate your homework and farted as well ! 🤣

Just hard malted milk...ur good.

Road food is the best food!!!

Sometimes I eat potato chips before my walk. Sometimes I eat them during my walk. It's good to have variety.

I looooove Whoppers! I’d walk 51 blocks for some Whoppers.

“Whoppers,” as in more than one, PAULA?

Moe is bad influence. Bad doggie

It takes two hands...

Oh, that Moe!

Moe! Shame on you! No onions for you!

Plural? Yikes!

40 blocks OMG was that one way or round trip? How many miles is that and in what city? Curious-

The other one probably laid a Whopper or two during that long walk

Well were you expected to starve? It was a walk, not a death march.

The candy or the burgers?!?

don't you know chocolate is bad for dogs? 😉

Have it your way!

I love Whoppers.

Plural?! Whoppers!?🤣🤣🤣

Which one?

Whoppers? Chocolate is not good for your dog.

Don't give your dog Whoppers! They're bad for... oh. Sorry.

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February 27th, 7:24 am

We’ve got Jon Lovett from “Lovett or Leave It” at our door, and he won’t leave it until he teaches Paula how to go door-to-door as a political activist. And then we set ourselves down on the front stoop to pluck the mini-banjos we just made - it’s the return of “Toni’s Craft Corner!” ... See MoreSee Less

We’ve got Jon Lovett from “Lovett or Leave It” at our door, and he won’t leave it until he teaches Paula how to go door-to-door as a political activist. And then we set ourselves down on the front stoop to pluck the mini-banjos we just made - it’s the return of “Toni’s Craft Corner!”

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Now see, if you really were a cat lover, you’d have said I GET to eat the chips that my cats lick. Attitude is everything. 👍😽

Yes and sadly, been inviting less cats to my parties lately. Catnip also not available in party size.

Too funny. Glad to see you again❤️❤️❤️

What a hoot!

I agree! And ewww 😂

Where’s the dip?

Love ya’ Paula!!!

Well Paula crazy woman you aren't alone and I mean crazy in a good way so don't try and sue m lmfao

Hahahahaha! Good points. What's that's number? And gross.

Kudos for saying “stay at home order” and not the incorrect L-word.


That’s gross and funny. It’s granny.

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February 26th, 12:26 pm

Photos from New Hampshire Creates's post ... See MoreSee Less

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Vote for all people ! Not bully ! Thank You !

No !No! No ! Kitty Cat !

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We had such a terrific time at the show! We absolutely laughed our asses off!

I was at her show in Hartford tonight! She's GREAT! I laughed until my sides hurt!

Sorry to have missed you!

Come to Florida, please, Paula!! ❤️

Good to see you Paula!❤️

“Let me tell you: “It’s all _ _ _ “ ???

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February 24th, 4:47 pm

I’m about to tell ‘em in Hartford, Connecticut. ... See MoreSee Less

I’m about to tell ‘em in Hartford, Connecticut.

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Great show Paula! It was great to.see you again after all these years.

Fabulous show! You are a comedy genius!

They like you in Hartford; they gave you a comfy chair and a pillow

Without me? I’m hurt!

I'm happiest when I see you had a comfortable chair!

Welcome to Hartford and come back soon PAULA We’ll save you that comfy chair 🙂

Good on Hartford. They know what a comfy chair looks like.

Paula, you never disappoint! What a great show! In times like these, we need you!

Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen.

Your show was magnificent!! My sister and I had a blast!

Chair? I didn’t see no stinkin comfy chair! I did see a fantastic show by THE PAULA POUNDSTONE though!! Yes she did the feet puppets! We ❤️you!!

Very cushy! Upgrade from the rest. Don’t slide out! Set your phone to wake you up, so you won’t be late for your comedy show🤣🎤

When you fart on a leather chair with an added pillow, the fart takes the path of least resistance directly into the pillow.

Had a great time seeing you last year in Hartford!

Awesome show Paula.

Finally, a comfortable chair!

Good chairs there

That's a decent chair! Good for them appreciating their guest! ☺️💛💚💙

How many arm pits have hugged that pillow?

Be sure to have a grinder while you’re in CT!

YES, you go!

❤❤ A very democratic chair.

Finally, a nice chair provided


Or take a nap 😴

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February 24th, 1:50 pm

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Looking forward to having you "tell us" in Chicago!

OMG. Chicago.. this could be a could be for me!!

But the farts! Whooowee!

I always pre-heat my jokes so no problem here.

They’re waiting for you.

Barry Saiff

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February 24th, 9:07 am


Limited 🎫 still available at
... See MoreSee Less

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PLEASE come to Myrtle Beach!!! 🙏🏻

I'm gonna be there!

Would anyone be interested in my spare tickets? gutted people I got them for dropped out.

February 23rd, 10:30 pm

I’m about to tell ‘em in Richmond, Virginia. ... See MoreSee Less

I’m about to tell ‘em in Richmond, Virginia.

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Such a fun evening. So funny. And such a nice, kind person. Meet and nice.

What a great show! Hilarious. Brilliant! The best comedy I have seen and I have seen a few. You are so genuine and quick on your feet. Awesome.

Great show. Thanks Paula Poundstone!

Saturday? Where?

I wish I had known you’d be performing here!

Great show and my cat is obsessed with the cat nip toy. 😻 Have fun in Hartford!

Oh, well that’s a chair that can pass muster. Cushioned a bit for comfort. Utilitarian enough that you don’t get TOO comfortable and forget what you’re there for. That’ll do nicely!

Great material to rip farts!

What a great time!!!

So much fun! We had a great time!

It was a fun evening, I can tell you!

Now that chair is art! Any butt should feel honored to have a shot at sitting there.

That chair lacks your enthusiasm.

Fantastic show!!

They have a right to know, Paula.

That’s painful to look at! I bet your back will ache if you give the chair too much time seated🪑

Wish I still lived there. You, Brett Leake and I could go to The International House of Pancakes on Broad Street after the show! Kill it tonight! I have some friends that will be there. 👍👏👏😎

Audience with class

fond memories of opening for you in Richmond so long ago.

Looks like they've done a repair job on that one!

Go get 'em!

Yes they need you🎁♦️🙌❤️

Nice chair! Hope it is as comfy as it looks! You have fun in Richmond❤️

OOO-oooo, It's ventilated!

looks like a medieval torture chamber 😳

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February 22nd, 7:18 pm

On most days that I am home I take my dog Moe on a brisk 1-1 1/2 hr. walk. At some point she often lunges at a little dog that I didn’t even fucking see, and that’s how I get my heart rate up. ... See MoreSee Less

On most days that I am home I take my dog Moe on a brisk 1-1 1/2 hr. walk. At some point she often lunges at a little dog that I didn’t even fucking see, and that’s how I get my heart rate up.

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My dog Picasso and I are really excited to see your show this weekend!

Have I told you that here in my midwestern town I’ve seen one heck of a lot of comedians come through, and you are the only one who had me laughing throughout. You are brilliant!

OMGoodness, Moe, you're completely adorable!! 🥰 Great job, Buddy! Keep Mom healthy! 🤭

My girl is reactive to other dogs, too. It’s exhausting!

I love her nose💜‼️

your dog is so adorable I just want to hug your dog

Luke and Bunny - two 75 pound Labradors have decided stray cats are not allowed in their sight. They literally yanked me off my feet and it was a hard landing! Now they wear shock collars since nothing else works.

Trudie is the calm one in our pack. Bert, our corgi, is ready to eat the face off every other dog.

it boggles my mind how my dog can be so sweet with every person we meet, but despises other dogs. I have to constantly be on the lookout. 👀

Been there…those little dogs antagonize our bigs with their yapping. !(Our german Shepherd pulled me to the ground on one encounter). Moe is beautiful!❤️

I think my heart rate would be zero after an hour and a half. 😉

He looks like he wouldn't hurt a flea...I think you IMAGINED the whole thing.

There’s a lot to know about dog reactivity, but the most important take away is, dogs react because they’re scared. Meaning it’s not just the dog walker who has an elevated heart rate and a shot of adrenaline. The dog does, too.

My Dog thinks I'm his Support Human

Beautiful dog!

She looks like our Grace and she would do the same. 🤣

Some dogs do this when you would least expect. Almost like they get an epiphany from out of nowhere. Even after many instances of “behaving“. And it‘s harmless - (almost like they‘re playing) but not fun when you‘re not expecting it and they lurch.

I have three.. and they do the same thing… scary and exercise to keep them under control!

By the way, what a gorgeous pet ❤

Wuv himses. He moves me to baby talk.

Short leash. No sue age

What a good looking boy!

She does not.

Love you Paula😂

Make sure she is walking besides you or behind you! Be the pack leader!

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I sympathize!

Good thing you are in great shape from all of those improvements 😀 😀😀

I so hope you do a show in the Philly area this year as in years past!

I always go the wrong way. Even after people tell me the directions and I nod and smile and say thank you because I don‘t want them to know I don‘t understand them.

You need a great sense of humor when flying 👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻❤️

Captain Crinkle thinks he was born before exercise was invented....I guess she wasn't factoring in the airport walking

This lady is an American treasure! Protect her! Plastic bubble if need be!

I hate when that happens!

He musta drank a lot of beer. That’s how I stay stout! Lol

My hope is that the ghost of Ben Franklin will address that when he visits the podcast again! 😁😁

Saved up all my pop tart upcs to order this vhs when I was 10, made a notebook for you out of it! See you tonight at the tin pan!


I Wonder if Ben Had this problem with airports during the Revolutionary War 😬🤣😂LOL😬🤣😂

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February 21st, 8:41 pm

I'm running out of time in my day. So, I thought, "Fuck it, I won't pick up meds from the pharmacy." Then I remembered I wanted to get some Whoppers malted milk balls, which they have at the store where the pharmacy is, and I thought, "No, I have to go." ... See MoreSee Less

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My pharmacy also has ice cream. I deserve a treat for Adulting.

I have made that very same decision for the very same reason!!!! And, may I add, more than once!😋

Seed your needs with your wants. Good strategy

I love Whoppers. You made the right decision.

I came so close to buying whoppers on my last road trip but I went with salt water taffy.

My spouse makes Whoppers. 😁 They coat the centers with chocolate and put the shiny coating on.

Whoppers do more good than meds!

I don't see a problem.

My very favorite!!! Priorities!

We're talking quality of life here.

I can't think of anything more medicinal than malted milk balls.

That is HILARIOUS! So relatable. I seriously love Whoppers too.

Well, now I feel called out. 😆 If I didn't need meds, I'd never leave the house tbh.

But do they have them in the ‘milk carton’ size? Now that’s worth a trip!

You are a treasure!

I did that today too. I got two vaccinations and a bag of assorted chocolate candy for half price. SCORE!

Funny. I like the surprise ones you get with nothing inside them...or the chewy occasional one.

Yay! You found your motivation!

For me, it was strawberries.

Well, it is a win win. Although I am an Andes mint aficionado myself.

i Go for xlg dark chocolate kit kat with my meds. 😃

It’s that extra incentive you need to motivate you to do a boring errand. Pavlov’s dog and I have a lot in common…

We have Whoppers and Maltesers in Canada! Please do a show in Toronto!

Great motivation those Whoppers! ❤️

Enticements are incentives.

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February 21st, 4:21 pm

Did my improvements: 31 push-ups leaning on the counter; squat walk w/rubberband at knees back door to front door to back door; 31 jumping jacks; 31 scissor legs on each side w/rubberband; 31 Russian twists w/8 lb. ball; 31 bicycles; 31 push-ups on my knees;+ 3 min. 15 sec. plank ... See MoreSee Less

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I’m tired just reading this!

You are an Inspiration, Paula. And using the term "improvements" is so much more positive than the "E" word.

I’m rereading your book about the search for happiness. Good to see you’ve kept up with some of your goals.

Good job! I work out with my TRX and free weights, and then I also walk a couple, few, times per week. Oh, and I also do my PT exercises that are prescribed....

My God Girl…. You are an Amazon !!!😘

I’m impressed!!

Great workout! (Personal trainer)

I’m just impressed!

Yeah you! I had a hip replaced. I live on the 2nd floor. I have used the elevator, it is broken, I will be practicing again on the stairs today. The little stuff is good. My mom did her exercises, faithfully, every day until her 80s. Then she took Sundays off. She stopped mid 90s and lived until 99. Every little scissor leg helps!

You are a true inspiration♥️

Good frackin job!

Used to could, but at almost 79, not so much. Proud of your conscious self improvement system. It sounds well thought out. Congrats!🎈

those planks! 😝

3 min plank! Wow! And I was happy with a minute.

See you in Richmond Virginia Friday!!

You could replace Paulie Shore in the Richard Simmons story

Thanks for exercising for me! (I wish it worked that way.)

Well done!! You’re motivating me to start working out again!

You’re making me feel like a slacker!!!!

What’s the magic of 31? 😎

Impressive. Keep up the hard work.👏

Whew that was good for me

You’re cookin gf!

You ve earned the malted milk balls 😊 My workout is riding my ten speed bike.

You go, girl!

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February 21st, 4:08 pm

Dear #chicago,
I would tweet at you 1 more time about comeing to see me at The Studebaker Theatre on Fri., March 15, but I goota go feed the worms in my worm farm.
... See MoreSee Less

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Keep those worms happy! 😄

Glad to see that you have priorities

Do you sell worms? We need 'em.

I gotta floss my cat...

"See the U.S. acres in your Studebakers".:~)

I know they can be picky eaters!

Is Paula still selling worm poop? Asking seriously. My plumerias are requesting it.


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February 20th, 3:05 am

Dr. Vivek Murthy advised us to check out his “5 for 5 Challenge” to improve our connection to other humans. Today… we launch upon it! Plus, we tackle the big questions in “Paula Poundstone’s Ethicspalooza!” ... See MoreSee Less

Dr. Vivek Murthy advised us to check out his “5 for 5 Challenge” to improve our connection to other humans. Today… we launch upon it! Plus, we tackle the big questions in “Paula Poundstone’s Ethicspalooza!”

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I’m not doing it but good idea✌️😊

February 19th, 6:53 pm

I'll be at The Colonial Theatre on Sat., March 2. Put on something fleecy, and join me for a night of laughs.
... See MoreSee Less

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It’s a great theatre. We live about 30 miles up the road in the summer!

Got my tickets!

Don’t you mean flannel?Preferably plaid.

See you there!

PAULA POUNDSTONE … the correct word is “fleecious.”

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February 19th, 6:50 pm

I'm not gonna play favorites with my Carolinas:
SPARTANBURG, South Carolina—Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium—Fri., March 29
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina—Knight Theater—Sat., March 30
... See MoreSee Less

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You should play favorites! NC rocks!

As the Dennis Quaid song in the Big Easy says, “…it’s all right babe, ‘cause I already know…” 🎶

I'll be there in Charlotte, representing the NLTPP Fan Club! Thanks to Sheldon Helms and Captain Crinkle!

Can’t wait to see you in Charlotte!!

Come to Savannah, GA, while you’re so close!

Yeaaaa Sparkle City!


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