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June 14th, 7:03 pm

It’s time to unleash my knowledge of the week’s news. @waitwaitnpr ... See MoreSee Less

It’s time to unleash my knowledge of the week’s news. @waitwaitnpr

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We love to hear/see you on WWDTM

Excellent, listening forward to the broadcast or stream, which ever I manage.

Tomorrow in Santa Cruz! 🥳👍🏽

You told us, in Millennium Park!

Can't wait for Saturday!!!

Chicago loves you 💕

Wait, wait, ahh, don't tell me, I'll figure it out.




Love when you are on! 😊

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June 13th, 10:35 am

Dear Donald Trump,
You know how you have said that "the People of the United States won't stand for it," in regards to you going to prison? I will. I will stand for it, and so will everyone that I know. Don't worry so much.
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Martha Stewart went to prison for lesser crimes

I'll stand for it, energized by my heart filled with glee! 😜🥳🤣

I'll stand for it, and applaud like I'm at a Paula Poundstone event!!

I will stand and cheer!

We’d even stage a parade if it would make him feel better 😂😂😂😂

Yes, we'll stand, we'll sit, we'll get up and dance for it!

Put his march into Riker’s on pay per view and fix the US economy. To the younger Paula fans, there were some individual shows on TV that we used to have to pay to watch…

Hell, I will help him get there!

It would do him good. He could learn a trade and become a valuable member of society.

I may stand, I may sit, I may lie down but whatever I do I’ll relish it

I demand it .

I will stand for it! Might even plan a standing up party 🎉🍾

I'd also have to laugh, and point.

I’ll stand and raise a toast to Justice!

I stand with you, Paula!


I will not only stand, I will applaud!

I’ll literally stand and applaud for it.

Not only will I stand for it, I'll give a standing ovation!

Send him off now! Make Melania happy! Lol

Oh yeah, we will stand for it!

He said they wouldn’t stand for him being indicted. Four indictments later…..

Don’t worry about me!!

I will standing ovation it. 👏

I will not only stand for it, I will hold the cell door open for him. Then close it and sit back down.

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June 12th, 4:18 pm

I was excited to appear on @the500podcast to talk with @joshadammeyers about Cat Stevens’ “Tea for the Tillerman” album. ... See MoreSee Less

I was excited to appear on @the500podcast to talk with @joshadammeyers about Cat Stevens’ “Tea for the Tillerman” album.

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I wore that record out , twice!

The soundtrack to Harold & Maude!

Sound track of my youth

Loved you on the podcast. Who knew Father and Son was about the Russian revolution!!

Noted and clicked playing next in my favorite Podcast App. 😽

The one I always say I’d take on a desert island. ( I assumed there was a record player there.)

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June 11th, 2:34 pm

I talked to Lewis Black at the INSIDE OUT 2 premiere last night. He didn't seem angry, that I can recall.

You're gonna love t#InsideOut2InsideOut2
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He did a great set at the Factory in Saint Louis a couple months ago. The venue is in a bland higher income suburb with one of the longest strip malls in the country. "I thought I was performing in Saint Louis."

Love you and him both!

He didn't seem angry? Are you _sure_ it was Lewis?

Love him.

I still sleep with my stuffed Angry pillow from the first movie.

Did he wear the red jacket?

I’m so excited!

he was talking to YOU, so what was there to be angry about?

Paula, Lewis Black being angry or being angry, how can you tell ?

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June 11th, 8:20 am

INSIDE OUT 2 is so funny and beautiful. You’re gonna love it. ... See MoreSee Less

INSIDE OUT 2 is so funny and beautiful. You’re gonna love it.

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Taking the grandkids in the morning!

I bought my ticket for Friday night! Can’t wait!

I’ve been waiting a decade for this film, I really hope they did a fantastic job! 🙏🏼

Kim Kreft Bachman

June 11th, 7:59 am

Our food is delicious, plentiful… and addictive and possibly killing us! We’ve got Dr. Ashley Gearhardt here to walk us through the process of ultra-processed food. And then get ready to exercise your moral authority - it’s the return of the Paula Poundstone Ethicspalooza! Listen wherever you get your pods! ... See MoreSee Less

Our food is delicious, plentiful… and addictive and possibly killing us! We’ve got Dr. Ashley Gearhardt here to walk us through the process of ultra-processed food. And then get ready to exercise your moral authority - it’s the return of the Paula Poundstone Ethicspalooza! Listen wherever you get your pods!

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Just listened. Learned so much

It’s true

June 11th, 7:55 am

🚨JUST ANNOUNCED🚨Legendary Comedian PAULA POUNDSTONE is coming to the Seminole Center Stage @ Seminole Casino Hotel in Immokalee on Saturday, Nov. 16 at 8 PM!


Tickets are on sale @ 10AM #paulapoundstone
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Going to be a great show 

I forgot how to spell correctly!! Lol

When are you coming back to NH. I saw m you when you were last on Portsmouth. You didn't recognize me. I was sitting near the Sudbury group in the first row with my husband!! Hope you are well!!

June 11th, 12:38 am

Paula Poundstone poses at the premiere of the film “Inside Out 2” at the El Capitan Theatre, Monday, June 10, 2024, in Los Angeles. ... See MoreSee Less

Paula Poundstone poses at the premiere of the film “Inside Out 2” at the El Capitan Theatre, Monday, June 10, 2024, in Los Angeles.

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Impeccable comic timing. You can't teach her brand of charm, you either have it or hang it up. So grateful to see her looking happy and healthy 😍

A gem of a lady, to be sure.

We Love you Paula, thank you for being you.

Love the threads !

A true natural comedian!! Planning to see her live again❣️

She’s my all time fave.

You look fantastic!!

Nice! Does Paula have an up-to-date bio I could read? 🤩

Good luck, break your nose, I mean your leg!! Ha Ha.

Wish I could be there!

That suit is impeccable. 😎

How are those 13 cats?

Excellent posing..


Hey Paula? Remember the lady who fell Inside the gas station repair place and Smashed her face Open on a Lube Rack? 🫠 Yeah No, not funny, but it Really Was....You had Me ScrEaming!😂🤣😂 Great humor, Great Fun👍😆 Thank you for Returning to My life and allowing Me to have Fun again. I too have had a Rough life, EsPecially life After 50. Actually? It Sucks and has for the Last 15 years. But YoU my friend have brought a spark back in me I Thought I'd Never see again. So I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You're a True comedic treasure 👍🫵💗😊

I wanted to take my kid to see you in Vacaville but it's out of my budget.

Proud to call myself a Nobody!


Kim Kreft Bachman

Candy striper


Love her

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June 9th, 10:49 pm

Sparky and I have become quite close. Fantastic game The Los Angeles Sparks ! ... See MoreSee Less

Sparky and I have become quite close. Fantastic game @la_sparks !

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Love it! You both look great!

What a great picture of you Paula hey ❤️ sparky looks good too !

Love your hat!

Love the Sudbury hat!

You look good with Sparky! 😂

Sparky brings out the kid in us! Great photo!

You look great Paula

So proud of who you have become my friend. Go LSSHS!

Paula I have a friend that takes in cats off the street, and takes care of them.

What a WONDERFUL picture of you Paula!

Nice pic! What a great smile! 😄

I can’t love this MORE!

I thought you were a "cat person"?!

Love it!!!

Great pic! Looking good Paula!

Paula, you're beautiful!

Great pic of you Paula!

The Sparks are flying!

Wow you having a beautiful time

Looking great, PAULA POUNDSTONE !


...and do they choose the players like they choose jurors? 🤣 Thanks again, Paula, for Saturday night in Denver. My diaphragm ached all night from laughing. I REALLY needed that. Hopefully, next time, Chris Fonseca will be able to come with.

Fantastic pic of you, Paula!!

Go WNBA!!!!

Blink if you need help...

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June 9th, 2:53 pm

Just before I told ‘em in Grass Valley, California. ... See MoreSee Less

Just before I told ‘em in Grass Valley, California.

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Isn’t that a beautiful little town?

Wait! Is that my chair? Are you performing in my living room tonight? 🤣

I’d fall asleep if I sat down in that chair!

You deserve a cleaner chair!

A rather strange place - good luck with that -

There are some good lines for you in that chair!

Looks like a real "comfy chair".

The chair looks comfy. Should have taken it on stage!

We have tix for the 29th ! Looking forward . . .

Nice comfy chair! Hope the springs are good❤️

Looks pretty comfy!

The weird suggested Meta AI topics under this cracked me up.

Planning to see you in Redwing, MN in Nov.

At last, a comfortable chair.

I could fall asleep in that!

Grass Valley loves you 😘

Looks like a cozy chair. Did they have it cleaned for your arrival? It looks a little ify🫣

they found it on the curb..🕷

Looks comfortable.

I believe that this is a different chair than the last GV go around

Nice chair!!

Geez, I need to tidy up that chair. It's freaking Paula Poundstone, for chrissake

So happy you're coming back to Key West

Green rooms are, nearly by definition, ratty.

Is that Grass Valley in the San Bernardino mountains? I attended middle school there!

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June 9th, 2:40 pm

Just before I told ‘em in Denver, Colorado. ... See MoreSee Less

Just before I told ‘em in Denver, Colorado.

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We seem to have the nicest chairs in Denver. What is with Eugene Oregon? Does nobody sit down there?

Well that's just embarrassing. We have way better chairs than that in Colorado. 😉 Sorry to miss you this time. No one makes me laugh like you do. Your crowd work it the best there is.

Not too shabby and they have the spilled food camouflage fabric too

It was a great show!

Oh dear, that chair looks like a remodel grandma upholstery

It was a great show! You are focusing on the wrong thing...

At least it looks clean.

Had a GREAT time!!! 🤩

I think that’s a cool chair. 👍

One of your nicer looking chairs

They stole this chair from Denny's

And I was told!

this is a beauty!

Cool chair. Very stylish!

Woman Swallowed by Quicksand While Enjoying Walk on the Beach with Husband

And if you don't, I Will!😆

We have our tix for Vacaville (!) on the 29th . . .

Hey Paula! How was my alma mater? University of Denver!

If that is an original Alvo Aalto chair, it may be worth more than the fee you are getting tonight.

Hmm. Kind of clinic waiting-room chair, isn’t it?

Nice chair! Relax and enjoy the show!

"I'm thrilled to announce that I've won the lottery, and I want to use this opportunity to help those in need. I'm looking for ways to make a positive impact actually made a promise to God to help the needy no matter what



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June 8th, 10:57 am

A passenger at the gate for my Denver flight is exercising. Most of the seats are taken, so I’m sitting on the floor behind her, eating a cookie. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for representing sanity 😇

Fri, Jun 07 was National Doughnut Day; Sat, Jun 08 is National Follow-Up Doughnut Day, in case you missed celebrating Fri… Eat a delicious doughnut and neutralize the calories misspent by the exercising passenger! Mind you, the cookie was a good start, and if that’s all you had on hand, PAULA POUNDSTONE, you made the absolute correct call!!

Welcome to Denver. Come over, we have chairs and ice cream

Looking Forward to seeing you tonight!!! Needing some GOOD Laughs!!! that you always deliver!!!!

I saw a video of some guy in the bulkhead seat doing yoga! I remember when we used to dress up to go on an airplane 😒

Did she roll out her mat and do yoga? If she did, she may have been in the boarding area with me last week. I watched and ate Cheez-Its. The extra toasty kind.

If Im waiting for a long flight I’ll try to get in a few downward dogs, a plank and maybe even a couple of burpees. Just kidding, I like to nap before a flight.

What kind of cookie?

The cookie makes a helluva lot more sense!

You can do your “improvements” later in your hotel room. 😉

I exercise and stretch before getting on a flight and sitting for hours.

Denver is my airport, and I'm always amazed at the folks who are doing yoga or calisthenics while waiting to board. It's pretty common. Thanks for coming to Colorado!

That's a passive-aggressive masterpiece there!

lol! I was waiting to board recently and this woman was trying to get her steps in but the pacing up and down was driving me crazy!

Only in Colorado.

what kind of cookie?

The world needs balance like this.

I hope you’re making smacking lips sound, “MmmmHmmmm this cookie is soooo good!!!”😸

It all averages out

Cheering her on, I'm sure!

Savor the cookie.

You deserve better. They should give you a special chair.

When in doubt, have a cookie

You’re winning in this scenario.

As it should be 🍪🍪🍪

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June 6th, 5:23 pm

The Starliner spaceship carrying Sunita Williams has docked w/space station, and she’s boarding. I just checked into my hotel room. Same. ... See MoreSee Less

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You're all checked in PAULA POUNDSTONE ? What level? Beginner?

The moment of docking with the space station is much much smellier than arriving at your hotel room. The stench of the space station never goes away.

Your presence assures a lack of gravity.

You both are national treasures

I'm not taking them room service.....

Glad all of you landed safely 🙏

I think that you took the safer accommodation.

I hope the view from your room window is as good as hers.

Does she have to check out at 11:00 too?

How is your oxygen level?

Did you also take Boeing?

Yeah, but does the ISS have a minibar?

Suni and Butch unite with the crew. Start at 5:00:00 and take a look! So cool.

She got better media coverage. Better publicist?

Yours is a lot riskier.

You’re the best! 💕💕💕

You lost mr with the podcast thing … Where are YOU ?


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