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July 23rd, 2:18 pm


Where would you rank being a member of the British Royal Family as a job? Pulitzer Prize journalist @pattmorrison joins us this week on episode 158 of @nobodylistenstopaulapoundstone to give us the scoop on the British Royal Family.

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I was just on the cusp, watering my parched little plants. This episode was great! I’m going to listen to the Fashion Confession theme song yet again now.

Would you be interested in purchasing a great condition claw foot bathtub, includes the shower attachment. It's in Adrian michigan $500, water not included. My low income friend could use the $ more than a bath right now!!

July 20th, 10:27 am


If evolution meant getting rid of traits that got animals killed, how come... ... See MoreSee Less

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You truly are the best comic!!!

One of an hilariously beautiful kind!!!!!!!

PS The Oliver Song Who Will Buy… has stuck in my head in the best possible way and I desperately need the vocabulary song. It helps former know-it-all’s so much

I had a stroke in June. My therapy includes binging Nobody listens… Reading and listening to Moby Dick and a lot of outside time. Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone has been perfect for keeping the loneliness of being brain damaged away and laughing until I kind of don’t care. I love you all and thank you.


Jennifer 😁

One of my all-times favorites was about the lube rack and the lawyer. I watch that one on a regular basis when I need a good laugh.

Looks like Boston in the late 80s think I was there.

I am in love with these classic bits you keep posting! I remember them all! TY!


Love you Paula!

You are so fun, always!

Love her!

Really, it only gets rid of traits that prevent them from reproducing. Once they spawn all bets are off.

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July 20th, 9:54 am


Royals: They're like celebrities with tenure and great jewelry.

LA Times columnist Patt Morrison gives us the scoop on the British Royal family. or wherever you get your pods
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Royals: Theyre like celebrities with tenure and great jewelry. 

LA Times columnist Patt Morrison gives us the scoop on the British Royal family. or wherever you get your pods

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I think Bonnie’s mom may have been giving them fashion advice.

They have the best hats

Creepy perv ( and not too bright) Andrew still there. This pic is not that long ago.

Meghan’s wearing a model of a Space ship poor girl. Might have been deliberate ?

What’s wrong with Louis ?

Not too fond of QE2. She had a hate/hate relationship with Princess Margaret; refused to allow Charles to marry Camilla because she wasn't a virgin but condoned the long standing affair between the two; was cold to Diana and underestimated the public's great affection for her until too late; condoned Andrew's scandalous chasing of underage girls until the tabloids published details. She is the definition of hypocrisy. Glad Harry and Meghan escaped.

Why anyone would care about any of them is beyond comprehension.

Screw the hats. I want a uniform like the men have, with all the medals and braids and epaulets.

Can’t they look at old movies from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s to get inspiration for more elegant hats. They look like a window display on west 38th street

I love how Kate is front and center, and Harry and Meghan Markle are stuck in the "back" like "afterthoughts" It's like Queen Elizabeth has put her family in the "order" she approves of them

Is there an ago in the world of the "Royal's" when as a Female you "MUST" ware a "Hat" ?

fuuuuuuuck themmmmm. 🖕🏼

You should put on that ridiculous hat and then recycle some of your old jokes to give them new life. Especially your cat pee jokes.

Celebrities who are forced to wear ridiculous hats. And really silly uniforms. It sounds like a miserable life.

Halloween at the Cotillion?

And issues and racism

Do you suppose the men feel ridiculous in those get-ups?

…..and HATS!

And silly hats

Trailer trash with $

I like Kate .

Royalism is Scientology, but with more years & WAY more money.

But how do they taste?

Cosplay with fabulous wealth.

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July 19th, 10:04 am


Your smart phone will find a way to ruin a nice day. ... See MoreSee Less

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That is a hilarious movie.

Caddyshack - a classic!

Baby Ruth...!

I call them stupid phones, but that's just me.

Smart phones are only problematic due to the social elements. If you don’t USE your phone for such things, it becomes a tool for what you do use it for. Podcasts, audiobooks, music, texting the few people I have any reason to communicate privately with, and the occasional obligatory phone call. Because I have few social demands, being just disabled enough nobody invites me to things, my phone demands nothing of me but a charge. I don’t do social media on my phone, which helps as well. That was a choice I made a few years back I’ve yet to regret. If you have the option to use other devices for social media, I highly recommend it. It means online chatter doesn’t follow you everywhere you go. And you can just enjoy some music, a podcast, or an audiobook in peace. Depending on what you’re doing. I spend time in waiting rooms, myself. Free of social demands and just chilling. It’s not the phones, folks. It’s the people. To me, a smart phone is so much better than any other kind, as “phone” is the function I like least of all. I find telephones intrusive, demanding, and an ultimately frustrating medium for communication. If I can’t SEE who I’m talking to, I like time to consider any response. Being on the phone is being put on the spot. It’s not the smart phones. It’s other people and their expectations. Being always on the line. Never allowed to exist in your own mental space. That’s the flaw. It is, however, easier to blame the device. The other is a conversation no one wants to have about exactly how much attention we owe everyone else at our own expense.

Bill Murray will handle it.

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July 18th, 10:40 am


One way to make the NBA finals more interesting would be to... ... See MoreSee Less

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Zito Kaihoro Frank Brickwork

Jennifer Barcia 😁

BJ Morley 🤣

Cristina Dixon

Now that's a summons I wouldn't mind receiving. I've always loved playing sports, even sports at which I'm not particularly good. Put me in coach, I'm ready to play!

One of the best comedian I have had the privilege to see. ❤

Karen Thibodeau I’m certain the Bucks could use us


Too funny!!

I LOVE this woman, I'm waitin till she comes to Nashville again!! So hurry up Paula!!

You are fantastic. I’ve always loved you ❤️

I adore Paula Poundstone!❤️

Please post more old clips! Love to see them

Paula, always the best and cleverest. ❤️

She’s subtle delivery ever!!

Paula you are so brilliant. I hope you can make it to NM some day.

Would really like to see a Paula Poundstone Netflix special!!

Are you still having forced sex with underaged children?

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July 16th, 4:12 pm


I’m feeling weird already. I'll be performing in Austin, Texas at the @atparamount on Thursday September 30th.
Can't wait to see you all, get your tickets at
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I’m feeling weird already.  Ill be performing in Austin, Texas at the @atparamount on Thursday September 30th. 
Cant wait to see you all, get your tickets at

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That's my birthday! Wish I was going to be in Austin

Head west to Tucson after!


Have fun in Austin!

Just got tickets for y our 1/14 show. Can't wait!

Saw you there the last time you were there good show

Wishing I could be there

I'm so happy to see that you're out there working again you're truly one of the best..And I Oughta Know👍

I'll be near Austin the week before. Dang. I'm gonna miss it. Have fun, all who are more fortunate than I am.

If you've never seen Paula's comedy, her comedy is 10% written, 90% rifling off the audience. And she does it better than anyone I've ever seen.

I will be first in line when you come back to Prescott, Arizona. Seeing you here twice just wasn't enough!

She's #1 in my book. Thanks for the heads up! I have loved her for years and years.


Head up north to Dallas!

AND we’d love to see you here in Salt Lake City….

Hi Paula !! 🌹

Perhaps you’re feeling weird because you are weird, Paula. That’s why we love ya!

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July 13th, 5:38 am


WITCHCRAFT: Can mysticism change the texture of Paula's thoughts to be corduroy?
Paula talks with witchcraft anthropologist Dr. Tanya Luhrmann on this week's NLTPP. or wherever you get your pods
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WITCHCRAFT: Can mysticism change the texture of Paulas thoughts to be corduroy?
Paula talks with witchcraft anthropologist Dr. Tanya Luhrmann on this weeks NLTPP. or wherever you get your pods

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You don't want your thoughts to make a "VOOOP, VOOOP" noise as they rub together. 🤔

Sorry Paula, but this week's a hard pass.

Sounds interesting.

"Lite as a feather, stiff as a board". 👏

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July 12th, 6:25 pm


What was your biggest childhood success or failure?

Tell us in the comments below! We want to hear all about them for a segment on the podcast.
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What was your biggest childhood success or failure? 

Tell us in the comments below! We want to hear all about them for a segment on the podcast.

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You want funny or inspiring stories? I have a great one about when I embarrassed myself with Frank Sinatra Jr. when I was 12 or so. Even have photographic evidence of our encounter with him looking amused and me looking like I want the floor to open up and swallow me. Happened around 1972. Also one of my most cherished memories! If that's the kind of story you're looking for, I'll be glad to tell the whole thing!

I actually won the spelling bee for my elementary school and on went to compete against the other schools in my town.

I won my school’s spelling bee in 4th grade, beating 8th graders. The school would not send me to the county bee because the principal thought I would get bounced in the first round, so she sent the 8th grader who came in 2nd instead. He lost in the first round.

In sixth grade, I was given a solo in a song in our Holiday Concert, a calypso Christmas lullaby called "Sleep Little Tiny King." At that moment in 6th grade my boyhood Irish soprano was peaking. I was feeling incredibly good about myself. The day of the concert we had a final rehearsal in the Cafeteria/Auditorium. We were arranged on the risers. When my solo came, I thought I was off. A few minutes later, I passed out. I came to in the nurse's office. Our family GP came to the house and diagnosed a ruptured ear drum. I couldn't have cared less about the excruciating ear pain. The bigger pain was missing my solo.

My biggest success was being a National Merit Scholar and getting a full ride to college. My biggest failure was that time I thought it'd be fun to run down the largest dune at Sleeping Bear Dunes, then realized that gravity would make my legs just go faster and faster, until my body hurtled in the air and I landed face-first in the sand at some ungodly speed. Sadly no pictures were taken.

When I was in 5th grade, I was with a group of friends at recess and we snuck back into the school, which was against the rules. We were hanging out in our math classroom when one of us discovered the teacher left his desk drawer unlocked and found the answer key to our upcoming math test. We all copied down the answers. The next day, before the exam, I was overcome with guilt and secretly confessed to my math teacher I had copied the test answers. I did not rat out my friends but the teacher distributed a different test without telling the class and, while I was in the principal's office getting suspended, my friends were caught because their pattern of wrong answers were the same. It was pretty obvious I was the squealer. None of them talked to me again. Success or failure?

A tale of joy and woe from elementary school: I was elected to student government, and one of the privileges of power was attending a festival that included a frog jumping contest. Being a bio nerd, I was sure I would do well. Alas, I failed to motivate my frog to take so much as an annoyed stumble. It was a loooong drive home THAT day…

When I was in 8th grade I competed in my schools first ever science fair. My project was figuring out which brand of toilet paper broke down fastest. There I was with 8 Mason jars filled with water and different brands of toilet paper. I saw what all the other kids did their projects on and thought mine was so lame. Well, I thought wrong. I won 1st prize! I still have the ribbon hanging on my wall 15 years later !

Catholic school. I used to sneak communion hosts into my pocket at church and save them until I had enough to put them in a bowl and dip in Smuckers jam. I was found out, and was mandated to go to confession, where I had to explain my indiscretion to the pastor.

We ran away from home after our parents divorced until the court let us live with our dad because we hated my dad's new wife less than we hated our mom's new husband.

Biggest childhood failure was always being homesick at camp and boy scout trips. I was inconsolable! I think biggest accomplishment would be my love of learning new things. I enjoy being taught and trying something I haven't done before!

I survived. I think that's notable ...and my parents were ok. That's unusual these days.

Starring in community musical theatre.

I won a Schwin bicycle in the Kellogg’s Stick Up For Breakfast Contest. Kellogg’s got my idea for the Kellogg’s Cafe. There were cartoon commercials. Also, an actual cafe. I don’t have the bike anymore. A kid who broke out of juvi stole it out of the garage.

Getting through it alive and intact.

I got 100% in my Algebra Regents.

When I was seven and in second grade, I did something that got me into trouble (I don't recall what) and my punishment was to do a "finger-hurter", which was to write the same word 100 times. My sentence was supposed to be served after recess, so when we were let out to play I just went home. I did get in trouble with my mother, but I didn't have to do the "finger-hurter", so I call that a win.

12 spots on the flag team and 13 tried out. Guess who didn’t make it!

Paula Pedophile Poundstone

loving this girl....

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July 9th, 10:30 am


Not a sport. ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking forward to your next visit to Concord NH!

nah, if it truly were indecision, i would be better at it.

It's an athletic activity.

Gravity & Old Father Time are f*ck!n AAAAAAAHOOOOOLES!!! Sonner or later it catches all of us... Classic Southern Beauty. #WhattaCutie ♡ ; )

Bianca Gallagher

Anahied Victoria Davenport

And I don’t think you are a comedian

We've seen you several times at The Canyon Club in Agoura! We laughed so hard, we were crying!

And also, I remember you saying “If you pick something up and it makes you say ‘Heeeeeeee!’ …. put. it. down! 😀

Have you changed your tune, what with your daily improvements and all? 😀

Never change Paula.

I was lucky enough to see Paula years ago in Tampa Florida. Loved her then love her now 👏

The thing I love about Paula's stand-up is it is 90% improvised. I've seen her 12 times and there were a couple of jokes I'd heard before, the rest of it was just riffing off the audience. That's talent!

I'd love to see your old comedy specials on DVD or Blu.

I've seen you a few times live, and I am practically dead by the end of the night from laughing.

I'll be attending the show in Buffalo. Going so because I'm lame and have no friends who enjoy laughter.

You need to bring back the Snickers bit 😂 pokin at ya, pokin at ya 🤣

Matthew Webber per our conversation the other day, this made me laugh!

I've been enjoying your appearances on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me for years and I've never thought to check out your former stand up work! Where can I find these videos?!

Paula, you are awesome! You always make me laugh.

Adore her!!! ...”can I just SEE the pants?” Lol!!!!!

I can't get enough of this. Paula's mind is just wired differently. She sees things that none of us can see. Check out "nobody listens to Paula Poundstone" podcast. She just doesn't stop being funny!

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July 8th, 2:53 pm


Join Paula and Adam when they ask legal expert and host of the podcast #sistersinlaw @barbmcquade whether Sidney Powell is headed to the slammer?

Episode 156 of Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is now available on Apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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No one has asked me yet why I have 8 cats. Taking your lead: because one died and two more showed up at our door asking for shelter and food. And I don’t turn needy beings away. DARN it!!

I always listen to Paula Poundstone!! She's the best! I wish her TV show could come back or be shown on Netflix - the economists on the tilt-a-whirl were unforgettably funny and smart.

We love to listen to Paula Poundstone! Smart and funny! Best combo!

Sign in Alfie’s Fish ‘n Chips Lompoc CA Love ya Paula

Thomas Coyne is not in these comments

Paula was an answer in today’s NYT crossword.

love the term "comeuppance"!!


Paula made the NYT daily crossword today!

Great as usual

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July 6th, 5:24 am


Is civil court the one where you can't say f*** and criminal court the other?
Paula learns all about the legal system and Perry Mason from expert Barbara McQuade. or wherever you get your pods.
... See MoreSee Less

Is civil court the one where you cant say f*** and criminal court the other?  
Paula learns all about the legal system and Perry Mason from expert Barbara McQuade. or wherever you get your pods.

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I love Barbara!

Perry, what’s your left hand doing? C’mon man, it’s the 50s, and there’s a judge right behind you!

I watch him 2 times a day..

I can hear that Fred Steiner theme song now, so good

I still fantasize about Raymond Burr. Not the first gay man I've lusted after.

I love Perry Mason too.

Barbara is one of my favorite guests on Rachel Maddow. And now, you, Paula Poundstone, have Barbara as a guest also!

Dick Cheney as VP said it to Pat Leahy in front of reporters. That started the ball rolling.

Love that show

Clearly you can say that word in criminal court as well. 😃

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July 5th, 5:57 pm


Ever had a particularly embarrassing wardrobe moment? Tell us in the comments below! We want to hear them for a segment on the podcast. ... See MoreSee Less

Ever had a particularly embarrassing wardrobe moment?  Tell us in the comments below! We want to hear them for a segment on the podcast.

Comment on Facebook

When I lived in Germany, I took a bus tour to Paris. As I was stepping off the bus when we returned to Germany, the elastic on my half-slip popped and the slip fell down around my ankles. I quickly scooped it up and stuffed it in my bag - amazingly, I don't think anyone noticed.

Hanging out on the playground with a number of parents I didn’t know very well when one pipes up, “New jeans?” I reply “Yes!” only to find out they knew because the tag with the size 10 size 10 size 10 size 10 size 10 was prominently displayed down one leg! 🤦‍♀️

The day I got a tattoo, I was wearing a dress. I had to hike it up because I was getting it on my hip. The guy doing the tattoo asked if I was uncomfortable. I assumed he meant the pain from the gun. Turns out my thong was on sideways and the crotch part was on my hip. Somehow I managed to put them on sideways and never noticed. Sadly, since that day, I have managed to do that more than once.

I was conducting a band for a 4th of July celebration about 3 hours from home. Got about 20 mins away and realized I only had my shorts, which were not the traditional black. So off to some Walmart I go, find some pants that are 4 inches too long and use a stapler to fix that. Then I walk out in front of a few thousand people and conduct a concert.

I tucked the toilet paper that I used to cover the seat into my pants...left the bathroom with a 2 foot piece of toilet paper hanging over my behind.

Water. Slide. Race. We were in Vero Beach, and I was bound and determined to win the water slide race. (adult women category) Please keep in mind that I was a 30 something mom of 3, not a hot to trot 21 year old…(Not that 30 somethings can’t be hot to trot, but I’m wasn’t…I’m not and…I digress.) Anyway, I do some research, and find that lying on your back, hands tucked onto your body is THE best way to go very quickly down a water slide. (Let me tell you, dear readers, it is.) I don’t remember much of the ride down. All I remember is the incredible pain in my head from it slamming on the water slide, and suddenly standing in the pool, unable to hear above the ringing in my ears, and seeing, on the pool deck, my step mom frantically pointing at me and mouthing something. (She was actually screaming, but, as I mentioned, the ringing was pretty loud.) Anyway, as I gather my wits, still fearing that I may vomit, I notice A LOT of people are looking at me…AND MY NAKEDNESS FROM THE WAIST UP BECAUSE THE TOP OF MY SUIT WAS NO LONGER IN PLACE!! The force of the sliding had ripped it off my upper half. And that is my most embarrassing wardrobe moment. (And yes, I won the race.)

Jr. High - growing up there was no $ for high fashion which, this particular year, were hip-hugger pants. Since I was about about 3 inches taller than my mom I stole her pants (purple with yellow stripes, I shoulda stopped there) and although they fit fine on my hips, and the length was right, the crotch, unfortunately was about at my knees. Not a good look at school that day.

I spent half the day at work, in meetings, talking to coworkers....and then went into the restroom. While I was washing my hands after, I looked in the mirror and realized I had my shirt -- a pull-over polo shirt with a collar -- on inside-out. And it was horribly obvious. Not one person had said a word to me. I quietly flipped it right-side out and went on about my business, but I wanted to leave, drive in a random direction, change my name, and start a new life after that.

I was about 7 months pregnant. Got dressed pre-dawn with just the hall light on to not wake hubby. Commuted to the office, which was 45 minutes of public transit, and was going about my day. Just before lunch I went to the restroom, and that's when I finally saw my feet... one brown shoe, one black shoe, different styles. You'd think I'd have felt the difference, but I didn't. You'd think that somebody on the crowded train, or in my office, would have alerted me kindly, but they didn't. Got new shoes on my lunch break, and a good laugh!

I was in middle school and had brand new jeans. Now I was a heavy girl and jeans in my size that were stylish weren't as easy to find as now. I went to an assembly and was sitting fine and what not on these plastic and metal foldout picnic style lunch tables. All of a sudden a teacher came and pulled me out of the assembly. It turned out my pants had split in the back and my underwear were showing. My grandmother had to come with a different pair of pants and I was just embarrassed after finding out and couldn't look anyone in the face the rest of the day.

I realized my tank top was on inside out when I got to CorePower . Years ago, when I had a horrible job teaching at a charter school and I was burnt out, we had to wear blazers. My 8th graders came to music class. I greeted them at the door. They were like, "Your blazer is on inside out!" I thought, "yeah right. You can't trick me. " Then when I came in the room with them I looked and my blazer was inside out. 😩

My girlfriend and I work together as servers. One night we worked almost 4 hrs together when one of our other friends said” Hey, did you know your skirt is on inside out as well as backwards?” We laughed so hard we were crying. Funny I never noticed in 4 hours and it took our friend 5 minutes 😂

i am confused as to what the embarrassing moment is here with the lady with the lovely red hair. her sweater is buttoned down the back? that has always been an option.

One time I remember back in grade school I don't remember exactly why I didn't have any clean trousers so I went to school in my underwear with just a very long shirt. Me mum must have been drunk or something.

We were getting dressed to go with extended family to the Denver Art Museum and my kids were three and five. I tried on two different shoes - different styles and colors - to see which one I liked the best. My kids distracted me and I sauntered off to finish dressing them but never finished dressing myself. When I got out of the minivan in Denver, my father-in-law chuckled and said, "Jacquelyn, look at your shoes." They were even two different heights!!

As I was walking up on stage for an audition, my leg caught on a chair and jeans ripped clear down the side. Still got the part, though. 😂 That being said, I don't understand the image attached to this post? The buttons are supposed to be on the back... 🧐

It was my freshman year of college girls wore dresses and pantyhose to class. I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and when I wiggled my way back into my row I realized that my skirt was tucked into my pantyhose in the back and my whole but was showing.

I spent a whole morning running errands with one lens in my sunglasses missing. I had noticed I was getting a lot of looks and had been feeling pretty great about myself until I realized it was because I looked like I'd just had cataract surgery.

I have a gaze shirt that I wear over a tank top. I got thru half the work day before one of my co-workers let me know I had it on inside out. 🤨🙃🙄

Worked little children and I went to a doctor's appt with the bottom of my cardigan glued about half way up on my sweater.

Was at work at looked down and noticed I had two different shoes on.

I wore a new pair of pants with the tag attached all day long!! Didn't notice until I got home!

My shoes, on the roof of my car? Good shoes never made it to the interview.

Got dressed in the dark and went to work with two different color shoes… they were the same style but different colors. 😜🤓🤪I didn’t notice until one of my students pointed it out!😳

I wear cotton "house" dresses because of a medical problem. I have, on more than one occasion (probably 5 times) have gone grocery shopping in an inside-out dress and no one told me. I'm not sure if they are too embarrassed or just assume I'm some old person who doesn't know any better.

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June 29th, 12:25 pm



Was one of the questions, do you think Eisenhower has a baby head? How does the Pew Research Center get its results? This week's NLTPP. Listen here or wherever you get your pods.
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Was one of the questions, do you think Eisenhower has a baby head?   How does the Pew Research Center get its results?  This weeks NLTPP. Listen here or wherever you get your pods.

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I just told my daughter "hey, you wanna see a President with a baby head?" a couple of weeks ago!

I remember hearing about it (polling) when Kennedy was running for President. I would imagine it existed in a very early form during Ike's Presidency. I assume it was really quaint and adorable compared to its present refined results.

Definitely a baby head.

I dunno, I'd tap that, but I'm getting old.

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June 29th, 5:23 am


Pew Research Center: What makes them the gold standard in polling? or wherever you get your pods. ... See MoreSee Less

Pew Research Center: What makes them the gold standard in polling? or wherever you get your pods.

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Well they’re not Rasmussen, who probably think Trump won

63% of all Americans say it’s their accurate seemingly percentages. +/- 3% like that they have an error range 37% insist Trump won

Paula, Do you tackle Biden on his incompetency, the way you tackled Trump ??

This episode was hilarious

I use Pew Research to know when to scoop the litter box.

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June 28th, 3:18 pm


It was great fun to be back with the Boston gang, join Jimmy Tingle and the rest of the gang for the replay of the Ding Ho Reunion 40th Anniversary Online Zoom Show on July 1,2, & 3.
It's a tribute to Barry Crimmins (RIP) and a fundraiser for his wife Helen's medical expenses.

Tix & Info at
... See MoreSee Less

It was great fun to be back with the Boston gang, join Jimmy Tingle and the rest of the gang for the replay of the Ding Ho Reunion 40th Anniversary Online Zoom Show on July 1,2, & 3.
Its a tribute to Barry Crimmins (RIP) and a fundraiser for his wife Helens medical expenses.

Tix & Info at

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Dang. Love a lot of these folks but it doesn't seem the Ding Ho was a paragon of diversity in 1981, does it? That PAULA POUNDSTONE played to audiences there is a testament to how good her act was.

Love you Paula

The world needs Paula Poundstone right about now.

Love, love the first row.

You were really outnumbered, there!!

That's one hell of a lineup. Awesome.


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June 24th, 4:01 pm


An incredible line-up of musicians, comedians, and congressional allies, including Rep. Jamie Raskin, Graham Nash, Lucinda Williams, Lake Street Dive, the Shoal Survivors, John Fugelsang, Negin Farsad, Baratunde Thurston, and Alex Edelman, plus newly elected “Squad” member Rep. Mondaire Jones.

You’ll hear about all the dynamic work Public Citizen is doing, including how we conceived of and built the coalition for the landmark legislation that is the talk of Washington and the bane of right-wing corporatists: HR-1 the “For The People Act.” And also hear the inspiring story of how Public Citizen and the NAACP teamed up last year to prevent Louis DeJoy’s Post Office from delaying and discouraging mail-in voting.

Public Citizen will also be honoring Congressman Jamie Raskin, the second Trump impeachment manager, with its Golden Boot Award for his remarkable work defending our democracy.
... See MoreSee Less

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Cant wait to see you in Chicago

Where is Paula?

June 22nd, 5:38 am


Susan B Anthony - What can we learn from the great American suffragist? or wherever you get your pods ... See MoreSee Less

Susan B Anthony - What can we learn from the great American suffragist? or wherever you get your pods

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We learned that stupid people honored her with currency that was the same size and shape as the Quarter and it failed. 🙁

Elizabeth Cady Stanton is important too.

A contemporary of Mrs Cullpepper’s? Perhaps?

“Failure is impossible.”

Sad that in 2021 there are so many comments about her appearance instead of her accomplishments.

Yup , Mrs Doubtfire

I thought this was Robin Williams as one of his lesser known bad. They should put her face on a dollar...coin...

Bless her However with respect she does look like a man in drag ! Is that stubble or just shadow ?

In my home town, Susan B. is a hero. "Failure is impossible."

OMG. Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Robin Williams in this pic?!

An inspiration for Johnathan Winters.

"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires."

Maude Frikett

I don’t think she’d approve of you. People forget you’re a pedophile.

She needs a shave?

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