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October 22nd, 4:42 pm


This week on episode 171 of NOBODY LISTENS TO PAULA POUNDSTONE. Join me and Jon Lovett as we discuss the decision-making that President Obama underwent during one of the most important raids in our countries history.
Listen Here:
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Noooooo not john lovitz. Jon Lovet

Big fan of Jon Lovitz. Good to hear he is doing well.

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Oh that is soooo boring.....

Can you carry this over to Wait, Wait?

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October 22nd, 12:39 pm


Paula Goes To College (for one night) is a Pandora Exclusive comedy album premiering on Pandora today! Come listen now on your preferred platform .🍎📘 "Laughter is the best thing for you," Poundstone says, "I learned that at college (one night)."
Listen here:
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Hope to catch you another day.

ok someone help me here. it says premiering today exclusively on Pandora. you click the link and you have a choice of apple, Deezer or Spotify. I try going directly to Pandora and Spotify and neither has this album. What am i missing??

Wanting to buy the video from the last time she went to college but it’s not sold anywhere

October 20th, 12:27 pm


...It's an encore, but I don't leave the stage. ... See MoreSee Less

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The times I've been able to see Paula in person have been the laughiest times of my life.

Paula is pure delight. OMG so funny! 😀

I loved that show. The take away line - what kind of question is that! A few years ago Paula was in Lebanon, NH. I thought I was being very clever when getting a book signed Paula asked me what my name was. I said what kind of question is that? I was so proud of myself. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 🤣😂

I love that special- I’ve listened to it a bunch of times 🙂

Loved seeing her at Town Hall, NYC two weeks ago.

She's so funny

Legend 🙌🏻😘😘😘

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October 19th, 8:45 am


Jon Lovett from Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It sits down with Paula & Adam this week on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone! ... See MoreSee Less

Jon Lovett from Pod Save America and Lovett or Leave It sits down with Paula & Adam this week on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone!

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Words cannot express what a joy it was to hear this interview!!

I just listened to you on Superstar ABC . Robin Williams.

WRONG! you assume everyone likes honest, so wrong

October 15th, 2:16 pm


This week on episode 170 of NOBODY LISTENS TO PAULA POUNDSTONE. Join me and Jon Cleese as we discuss his extensive film career and the things that went into it to make it so successful in the world of silly.
(Link in Bio)
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I really enjoyed this show. I never knew I was mispronouncing his name until I heard you say it and realized it rhymes with cheese not lease

He is an excellent acting coach

He’s a trans phobe but I still love the nobody crew

Fart off. Cleese is a criminal!

October 13th, 12:34 pm


What are your end of the world plans looking like? ... See MoreSee Less

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One of the funniest comedians you will ever see because she riffs spontaneously with the audience for a significant part of the evening and her wit is quick and hilariously outrageous!

My husband just told me he's had this same thought. But he often thinks, while looking around at the gate, is it worth rebuilding mankind?! LOL

Sleep in first, then panic when I learn the WiFi is out for good.

Hmm, yeah, no. I'd be scouting out who looks like they'd be a capable hunter and gatherer for, like, a Coke and a ham and cheese croissant.

I love your sense of humor! You are the best!

So funny! We need more comedies about the end of the world and less of the serious stuff (Walking Dead, The 100, 3%.) We could get more serious about avoiding the end of the world, though!

Is there anything that this woman can't make funny?! Thank you PAULA POUNDSTONE for being you!

I think I still have to go to work.

You are hilarious. Saw you live twice, hope to see you again.

This made my day you are a funny lady

I do the same thing.

Hahaha looks like she was narrating dr. Stone HAHAHA

Great bit!

Janelle Fredrickson



Sex, if I can get it. OK, I'll be realistic: candy.

Girl, I love you so much!

Come to ann arbor michigan


I sooooo love you!

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October 11th, 8:11 pm


TOMORROW on the Pod. JOHN CLEESE., apple, itunes, spotify, or wherever you get your pods.
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TOMORROW on the Pod. JOHN CLEESE., apple, itunes, spotify, or wherever you get your pods.

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Omg I can hear that photo “I’m eccentric! *purrs*”

Loved him in Fawlty Towers!!

I wonder who PAULA POUNDSTONE will have on her show tomorrow. Does anyone know?


I'm going to be so disappointed if he's Bonnie's shower buddy.😳

OMG comedy genius coupled with comedy pretty good!


Ask him when he became bigoted TERF trash.


Ask him about his transphobia. That should be fun.

I like Monty Python but fuck this asshole.

Hey Paula, this is really irksome to lots of your LGBT fans. Have you not read about his repeated and emphatic denial of trans* identities? Sorry… this is really bad and you ought to say something.

Ask him about his TERF stance.

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October 8th, 2:58 pm


Save the date.
Next week on the Pod
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He is pretty transphobic. I’ll miss next week.

Ask him about his TERF stance.

I can't imagine you would let him go unquestioned about what he has said about Trans people, PAULA POUNDSTONE .. I'm sure you can't possibly agree with his position?

Please thank him for having a memoir about his actual career and not just who he know. (See Eric Idles bio)

Hopefully we can see you on 12/19! Dates have been rescheduled several times due to COVID- here’s hoping for safe conditions

Congratulations, Paula! I hope you and John have a lot of fun!!!

Yay! This should be fun!

Don't forget to ask for his opinion on the Full English Breakfast.

How do I get a message to Paula From an old Friend? Thank you.

Cannot wait! I miss Paula, Tom Bodett, Roxanne Roberts, Alonzo Boden.

That's fantastic!

OK....Now I'm stoked..The world better be prepared for this.

Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau

Wazikanim AG this should be a good episode to listen to

Date saved!

What about Dame Judy Dench or Brian Cranston???? Will really John Cleese join the ranks of Tom Hanks as a guest on NLTPP??? 😍😍😍




Great show in Madison!! Thank you! ❤ 💕

Rachel Montrose Dude



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October 8th, 2:53 pm


Find out this week on Paula's pod.
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Find out this week on Paulas pod.

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Really digging Captain Crinkle's theme songs.🎶 The recent instant smash hit, "It's a Potluck Info Party" was really a high point. 💜 Loved this episode, but did you want to start including more suggested dialog for those awkward conversations with people not already listening to PP?

I love Captain Crinkle and her theme songs! Last week she was being subdued I think. But I agree she can get a little rambunctious at times, so maybe it wasn’t altogether unwarranted. I’m hoping it’s like tightening your bra after it has become stretched out. In a couple of days it’ll fit fine🤠

Paula's friend, whom no one knows who she is, sounds difficult. 😛

Was John Cleese that much trouble?

Humor always wins.

just don't

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October 7th, 11:34 am


The glory of Easter. ... See MoreSee Less

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So cute nd beautifull

So true.

You're not missing much.

October 6th, 9:58 am


It was very cool to talk about getting started in comedy, writing a children's book, and much more with Judy Gold on her podcast, #killmenow! Listen now at the link in her bio! ... See MoreSee Less

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See you in Amherst on Saturday. Can’t wait.

We enjoyed your show Sunday in Door County very much.

Two of my favoritest comedians! MWAH! 😘

Yawn 🥱

September 30th, 12:37 pm


The Wyatt Earp of the water pistol. ... See MoreSee Less

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When it comes to eating rubber bands the joy is in the journey, not the destination 😉

if an alarm clock had sound of cats or dogs puking nobody would oversleep haha

Looking forward to your show in Wisconsin tomorrow night!

Paula, this is Sully!! when are you coming to Concord, New Hampshire? I’ve been waiting 2 years now. the pandemic messed everything up. I am always listening to you on SiriusXM can’t wait to see you and maybe catch up before or after your show would love to take you out to dinner. much success to you

Oh so true about fur babies…

Too funny 😂

Shannon Savage Don't let Pepsi watch...LOL

Anyone else have a cat fascinated by a flushing toilet? Every time, paws on the rim watching swirling water.

Katey Panko

Lisa O'Neill

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September 29th, 12:17 pm


Join me at the beautiful The National Friday, October 22, and we'll all laugh the night away. Get tickets here
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Join me at the beautiful The National Friday, October 22, and well all laugh the night away. Get tickets here

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Love 💕 me some Paula Poundstone!

Just saw your show at the Paramount in Austin! Wonderfully funny as always! 🎤❤️

She is great seen her 3 times

I saw her 16-17 years ago at the comedy club at Short Pump Town Center. Very funny lady.

i really need to go to this

A very funny lady! Go if you want to laugh!

Super funny woman

If you can just come a little further West, to the Short Pump Funny Bone, guess who'll be there!!!

We have our tickets!!

Come back to San Luis Obispo Co. Paula!

We have our tickets and can’t wait!


Love her routine about her cats.

Richmond ?? VIrginia ??? I think I'm Busy that month ...

Thats zac hansons birthday

Cam Conner

Melissa D Lillis-Lester

I've seen her. She's great.

So I thought she was tried and convicted of child molesting. How is she still a thing in the era of me too?

Crazy. Just yesterday I was wondering whatever happened to Paula Poundstone.

Harley Stagner the poptarts

Hard pass

Proof of Vax? I’ll write ‘Not Jewish’ on my card also. Seen this movie before! Not taking any chances

Terrific Show!

...very funny lady! i love her on npr's "wait, wait... don't tell me".🤓

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September 29th, 10:42 am


I'll be at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison on October 8th. The Overture Center for the Arts, where you open with a little bit of all of your jokes. "So, I was...Did you ever notice...I asked the guy.." ... See MoreSee Less

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Just got my tickets!

I know you hate self-promotion! These spots are good.

We loved it! "IMAGINE you dying here"!

Come back to the Keswick please!

Please come to Orlando soon!

You’re amazing. Don’t forget it 🥰 It was GREAT "talking with you"! Let's chat more about 3 chiahuahuas and 2 fat guys!!

Come back to Spokane!!!

and PDX!!!

Can’t wait to see you again!

Chicago awaits

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September 28th, 6:30 pm


What the hell is that noise? ... See MoreSee Less

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I dread having to buy a new car, if/when, I do (have had mine 18 years) 😉

On a cat-owner note, when hubbie bends over when leaving for work at o'dark hundred, unintentionally pressing the clicker fob thingy, and the truck honks in the garage, my cats GROWL and scatter 😂

I once bent over to pick up something I dropped and the car alarm went off. At 1 AM.

Nothing worse than a malfunctioning vehicle fob!

Love her stories and delivery! Seeing her in Chicago on Saturday! Need some laughs.😉

I love your podcast! I'm a proud Nobody! LOL

“Kids get in the car” in the middle of the night… made me LOL.🙏🏾amazing. Can’t wait for the next PPP at PP’s place

Still pretty funny in your twilight years...;-)

I needed to laugh today! Thank you PAULA POUNDSTONE!!

Is it a white windowless van?

You are the best!

Miss seeing you live♡

Cathy Mulcahy

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September 28th, 6:19 pm


What is a think tank? Find out this week with with Brett Theodos from The Urban Institute! ... See MoreSee Less

What is a think tank? Find out this week with with Brett Theodos from The Urban Institute!

September 28th, 1:31 pm


I'll be at the Paramount Theater, Austin on September 30th. I'm doing my part to keep Austin weird.
Tickets at
... See MoreSee Less

Ill be at the Paramount Theater, Austin  on September 30th. Im doing my part to keep Austin weird.
Tickets at

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Love you, Paula, but I'm disappointed you haven't cancelled your TX dates.

We hope your family is doing well, you used to mention them at The Canyon, in Agoura. We saw you there a couple of times...hysterical!

You were wonderful last time you were in Austin, but I have a prior commitment this time. 🙁

I like you but please DO NOT go to Texas until the governor grows up.

maybe boycott tx until they stop their assault on women...

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September 24th, 7:50 am


What questions do you have for John Cleese? Because he just so happens to be joining us on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone! ... See MoreSee Less

What questions do you have for John Cleese? Because he just so happens to be joining us on Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone!

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I don't have any questions, I will just happily listen to any stories he'd like to share. He's one of my all time faves.

Why is he against trans rights? It sure makes him less funny.

Did a crazy lady run into you with her cart at a Staples in the Valley and then shout "Oh my God!" around 2002? If so, that crazy lady was me and I'm sorry. If not, you have a Doppelgänger and I've been telling this lie at dinner parties for the past 20 years. Apologies to you or the other "John Cleese."

Ask him if his mother is a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries!

yes! i wonder if he’ll say more about why his truth and reality, rather than that of Black folks, should determine what comedy is, what good protest behavior is, and whether the n-word is caricature or harmful. no snark, paula; sincere question.

What does he make of Miriam Margolyes' claims in her recent memoir that when they were younger, John treated her in a snobbish and sexist way? I've no reason to doubt her.

Did he enjoy working on Silverado? And how did he get cast in that movie? It's one of my favorites of his roles.

Are you going to ask anything about this?

Does he realize the influence he continues to have on young people? My granddaughter (who is now 7) has been completely engaged by the Ministry of Silly Walks for over 4 years. While I haven't seen her much in the past 18 months due to COVID, one of the first things she showed me when she came over last week was her newest "silly walk." His brilliance is both timeless and ageless.

Everything is getting reboots or revisited currently, any chance Fawlty Towers could be in line for such?

Why did you vote for Brexit and then leave the UK to go and live in a tax haven???

Was he a fan of the GOONS? Who makes him laugh? Is anything verboten in comedy? Any joke you WISH you hadn’t told?

How would he dissect the personality/psychology of Basil Fawlty?

How does he feel about the my pillow guy trying to cop his look?

As sometimes happens, just the other day a friend and I started throwing the French taunts from “Holy Grail” back and forth at each other. What was your favorite taunt and do you have any interesting stories of writing or filming those scenes?

Where can I get my hands on some Venezuelan beaver cheese?

Don’t mention the war.

I'm curious as to whether or not his eventual distaste for Fierce Creatures is based on the film's reception (or lack thereof). I hope that he will revisit his opinion of it because, FTR, I thought it was an enormously clever concept which included exceptional writing, *great* performances, IMPORTANT (and VERY relevant) social commentary (the criticism of Murdoch et al) and was, while perhaps not a better overall *film* than Wanda, certainly, in a number of spots, frankly far *funnier* than Wanda (and Wanda, to be clear, was a GREAT film). So what gives? Why the hate for Fierce Creatures? It's one of the only films in my life that was so funny, and I was laughing so hard, that I actually (i.e. literally) peed in my pants a little (when he exits the closet). Critics CAN be WRONG.

If I were talking with him directly, probably asking him to clarify and justify his stances which have appeared to the public as transphobic.

When comedy and humor, long a way to speak truth to power, itself become a powerful brand, a marketing Holy Grail of a joke everyone flocks to, how much responsibility, if any, do you think comedians have to present values they find "worthwhile," or in some ways moralizing? Is all comedy, to you, Sir Cleese, inherently irreverant and not responsible at all for how an audience receives it? Is there a line, and if so, where do you see yourself as having drawn it?

Ask him if he thinks this looks like you!

What happened to him, that's what I would like to ask. That and what's Jamie Lee Curtis like. But first, what happened to him.

Ask him about the animosity between the Pythons and Benny Hill. Graham Chapman once threatened to toss me out of a second floor window once when I inadvertantly complimented Hill at a college Q&A. I THINK he was only kidding, though he did mumble something about it not being high enough.

Is he married?? Does he want to get married?? He's been one of my celeb crushes ever since A Fish Called Wanda came out ❤️❤️

I want him to know that each and every winter as I walk along wobbly ice covered sidewalks, I think only of the Ministry of Silly Walks, and I hear his voice in my head. How did he come up with this?

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September 22nd, 11:19 am


10 -year-old boy vs Black Mamba ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking forward to your show tomorrow night in Rochester!

Cannot wait till you return to Philly😁

How about Las Vegas?!?! Love to see you here again Paula!

I hope he is well and thriving!

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