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September 27th, 8:16 pm

I have COVID. It is brutal. Sirius sleeps beside me all day and night while I get better. ... See MoreSee Less

I have COVID. It is brutal. Sirius sleeps beside me all day and night while I get better.

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Feel better! Sweet doggie

I just got over Covid and my 2 cats were always by my side. Comforting.

Just came home from seeing Jerry Seinfeld, made us remember seeing your show ! Sorry you're sick ! Lucky you got a get well dog ! Feel better soon !!

Had it in late August! May you recover as quickly as possible. Be as good to you as your dog is. Dogs know things!

So sorry Paula. I’m glad you have Sirius to take care of you.

Darn! We just got over it and it was rough. Try to stay hydrated, and have someone deliver chicken soup, preferably an authentic Avgolemono — Greek Lemon Chicken Soup. It is curative. Love you, Paula! Rest and let us know how we can help. 💕💕💕

Sending you well wishes from Baltimore. 💛

It’s awful. I’m so sorry you have it. I’m at the tail end (hopefully) and whoever has been describing this as a “light summer cold” clearly has not had this version. It’s like the worst flu coupled with a nasty cold. I hope you feel better really soon, and take the time you need to fully recover.

So sorry to hear it Paula!! 🤕I just read creatine could be good for aftermath symptoms

🙏🏻❤️😘feel better soon!

Feel better! Come back to Asheville, NC. Furry companions welcome! 🤗🐕‍🦺

Sending healing thoughts your way. Hopefully lots of snuggles from serious will help 🥰

Got it while in P-TOWN over labor day week. I was never so sick and if I was not vaccinated and boosted I would have been hospitalized. Still a bit stuffy as of today and I hD it the Tuesday after labor day. I feel your pain. Lots of naps.

I am sorry to hear you have COVID, but I am thankful you have such an adorable cuddle buddy. Rest and feel better soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!! G🦠

I hope you feel better soon. You are by far my favorite comedian!🥰

Aww, I'm sorry, Paula. I hope you feel better very soon!!

Get well soon Paula. You are the fourth person I know that has it.🌺🌺🌺

I’m so sorry. I had it 18 months ago, and it kicked my ass. Sending good vibes for a quick recovery.

oh, paula!!! maybe this week on the podcast they can do a tribute to you like you did for bonnie. 🤕

Quick healing to you🐾🌺🌺🌸🌸❣️

Sorry, Paula!! Sending healing thoughts. 🙏🏻🌞

So sorry…wishing you a quick recovery 🌺

Feel better soon🙏🏻💐😘

Poor Paula! Sending you love from Madison NJ.

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September 26th, 7:26 am

What’s the book on the Good Book? And is it any good? Bible historian Ian Mills joins us to dish on who dished what - and when - in the writing of Western civilization’s biggest bestseller. And then, when the cat’s away, the mice will… pay homage to the cat. It’s our crinkle-filled tribute to Bonnie Burns! Listen here: ... See MoreSee Less

What’s the book on the Good Book? And is it any good? Bible historian Ian Mills joins us to dish on who dished what - and when - in the writing of Western civilization’s biggest bestseller. And then, when the cat’s away, the mice will… pay homage to the cat. It’s our crinkle-filled tribute to Bonnie Burns! Listen here:

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I hope that if Bonnie Captain Crinkle Burns listens to this episode, it doesn't hurt her to laugh! Miss you Bonnie, wishing you a speedy recovery!❤️

Wish I could take this guy’s class. So interesting. Maybe not as interesting as the life of a truck driver, but close. Also, speedy recovery to The Captain.

So glad you found someone to keep you out of trouble...😊🐱


Oh please be a believer Paula. Heaven will be so cool with you! God bless you!

Very interesting guest!

Skip Bedser

Skipping this one! Why would you promote this bullshit? 🙄

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September 24th, 8:55 pm

Just before I told ‘em in Derry, New Hampsha. ... See MoreSee Less

Just before I told ‘em in Derry, New Hampsha.

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Where's the dinner table to go with that chair? 🤔 I think you should get a throne, before you tell 'em. 😉 💗

I saw you in Bar Harbor one time and I have to say you are one of the best comedians in terms of riffing off the audience. I laughed my butt off the whole time and all of it was spontaneous.

No, no, no….. take that chair back to the senior’s bingo room!! We better do better for you in Atlanta!!!!

They were very kind with that… chair

We Nah Englandahs pronounce that "Nahamisha" 🤣

Looks comfy.

I'm judging New Hampshire pretty fiercely right now.

I expected better from New Hampshire!

That chair has seen a lot of behinds!!!

This chair does not deserve you.

I don’t understand, but I sure would like to know


I would like to get a chair to your Durham show that was hand painted by a local artist. May I pursue that, or would that be out of kilter with your innocuous random green room chair posts?

I think we should grade all the chairs. This one gets a D.

You are like Jonny Cash, everywhere!! 😊 Enjoy!!

Please, get this wonderful woman a clean chair!

What a great show in Derry last night!

I didn't even know you were here! I would've invited you over to chill your heels. Take care, Paula. 🙂

H’m. New- looking, clean, dignified and padded for your comfort. That’ll do!

Paula, I just heard that you had COVID; I hope you're feeling better soon.

Crap chair. You deserve better.

A dinette chair? They thought you were the help?!

Oh my god. New Hamsha must hate you.

You’re right Pam - it’s me eyes, dearie-sorry about that!😊

I have read enough Steven King to know NEVER stay in Derry!

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September 22nd, 8:16 pm

I’m about to tell ‘em in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. ... See MoreSee Less

I’m about to tell ‘em in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

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Paula you were AWESOME!!!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 thank you for coming to RI!!! We love you!!

Looks like a baseball glove. Close to the floor. I wouldn’t try to stand up too quickly, you might pass out🪑

Fast asleep in that cushy chair in 5,4,3,2 …

Fancy schmancy! 👏🏻

Finally, a chair to be proud of😍!

You go girl!

Loved seeing you last night!

Always happy when they give you a comfy chair.

Paula are you telling them you left your favorite chair, so the better pay you good right?

Wow, a chair you can sink into!

Loved your show in Rhode Island. Have you ever thought about a mystery book or thriller for your book club?

Oh, you can compose yourself in that one! (They’ll wake you up when you’re on.)

Now that’s a comfy chair!

Nice chair except when wearing shorts😄

Now that's a chair worthy of your backside!!

Don't sit in that chair! We won't be able to find you!

Small state, big chair

You should come tell us in OKC.

Nice chair!

thats gonna be sticky in the summer 😬

OOOH. Looks like fart sounds.

You go girl!

Any coins in the chair?

You're hanging out with a nicer class of chair these days...


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Hehe, Paula.... I'm very thankful to the truckers who bring us our food....I don't think I could do a job like that!!

Hi Paula, Your Birds Eye Cheesy Broccoli ala Mass. accent had me rolling. I TOTALLY GET YOU ALWAYS .. 💕😄Blessings fellow earthly traveler!

Is this Thee Paula Poundstone from Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone podcast ?

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Welcome to Rhode Island Paula! Keep them laughing at The Greenwich Odeum tonight.

Your walking instead of running basketball drills. I hated basketball drills.

I hope that your room is ready soon. After all that exercise you're going to need a place to rest! 😊

Paula, you need a roadie… PICK ME!!!! 😍

any minute now …

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September 21st, 9:20 pm

We talk about the most complicated relationship in Paula’s life - her on-again, off-again affair with money. Shannah Game from the “Everybody’s Talkin’ Money” podcast is here for some couple’s counseling. Listen here: ... See MoreSee Less

We talk about the most complicated relationship in Paula’s life - her on-again, off-again affair with money. Shannah Game from the “Everybody’s Talkin’ Money” podcast is here for some couple’s counseling. Listen here:

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It’s always a pleasure to learn a little, laugh a lot, and realize how many of us make the same mistakes with our money! Great episode!

Great interview!

money women experts always seem to have short hair

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September 21st, 5:05 pm

I have no explanation. ... See MoreSee Less

I have no explanation.

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I love you Paula! ❤️You are a wonder! ⭐️

I love Herman! He was a gentle giant.

“Disapproving Herman” is the meme for our times.

I love Herman Munster

Loved Fred and love you!

Paula Poundstone, thanks for showing up here. I have a lot respect for you. You are a good person on top of being a great comic.

Are you on a date?

Love you Paula!

Well, that's a picture of Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster and you standing in front of it. Hope that helps!

“It was the Munster that mashed him.”

None required 😍

Mirror mirror on the wall....

Feeling a little bit jealous…

It’s ok to embrace those neander genes without shame. Go lady!

No explanation needed...

When did you get your neck bolts taken out?

None needed 👍🏼

You don't need one. You're Paula Pundstone!

Love Herman and love you! BTW, you have a Benjamin Button thing going, you keep looking younger and younger! Did you ever read Fred Gwynne’s series of children’s books? - they are great!

Don’t need one!! 😂😂

something sexy and hot with the hairdo!! ooh lala

Nothing wrong with an impulse Paula. After all it's Herman Munster right?

Munster fan here !

It was the cheetos! It's true! I read it on the internet!!!!


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Couldn’t really read those signs but my elbows are killing me just watching this!

Looking forward to seeing you in Rhode Island very soon! Big fan! 🥰😘😍

I want to get a It charts

Theo's purr and blep were worth it, listening (with envy) to all the shows I cannot attend.

I saw a lady in Laguna Beach who looks like you. I almost said if it isn't Paula. It wouldn't have been. I almost said it. 😂

You should do workout videos! 😁

I would love to get a T-shirt please. How do I get one from you?

Do you ever venture to Kansas City?

Great video.

See you in Charlottesville!

That's a name I haven't heard in a long time


Yes! I listen to Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone AND I’ll be at the Magnolia on Friday the 29th! Can’t wait!! 🤣🥰👍

This is my good boy George, 15 years. BTW can you do Howard Stern? That would be hoot!

All of that counts for 20 planks!!

TOWson Maryland. TOW is pronounced like the -ow in cow. Love, Christine in Baltimore

Liberals don’t want number 1 hits either. Lol Artists lie about crime. Lol they have millions of unreleased songs. Lol More coaches visited me in HS to recruit me than Andre Ellington. Lol

Paula, I worry that you are spending too much on those fancy signs.

See you in in a week!

Ha ha ha!!!


Damn! Plank queen!

Pronunciation seminar 😂

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September 19th, 7:24 am

We talk about the most complicated relationship in Paula’s life - her on-again, off-again affair with money. Shannah Game from the “Everybody’s Talkin’ Money” podcast is here for some couple’s counseling. And then - we know you’re talking behind our backs - and we’ve got proof. We read from your Facebook fan club as though it’s our own Mailbag! Listen here: ... See MoreSee Less

We talk about the most complicated relationship in Paula’s life - her on-again, off-again affair with money. Shannah Game from the “Everybody’s Talkin’ Money” podcast is here for some couple’s counseling. And then - we know you’re talking behind our backs - and we’ve got proof. We read from your Facebook fan club as though it’s our own Mailbag! Listen here:

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I loved Paula’s laughter! One of my favorite sounds. And Toni, you are such a delightful and good-spirited person! I’d listen to you and Bonnie if you hosted your own podcast! 💜😂😂💜

In one way or another we all have that same relationship .

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Love you, Paula!

Love you, Paula!

Paula. It’s “talk like a pirate day”. Let’s hear it!😀

Great post. I’m listening.

Absolutely correct and lovely Angel Trumpet tree! I always thought that was a funny name 😁

Great video.

Amen Sister. CEO's are greedy

" HEY" "Its just me, Kate Quattro" 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 Love to all the 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 BEES in the 🌎 world 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝

You’re on it, Paula!!❣️

Love it.



Adore you Paula


Is someone gonna tell her that Hillary lost?😎

Yer OK kid


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September 16th, 9:14 pm

I’m about to tell ‘em in Rutland, Vermont. ... See MoreSee Less

I’m about to tell ‘em in Rutland, Vermont.

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Don’t lean too far to one side, you might tip over. Looks like fabric from the dark ages. I know people in Rutland. Have the Fall colors started showing?! Hope you had a fabulous show!!

Thanks for a great show! Please come back soon!

Worth it for the chair alone!

Thank you for a great show in Rutland! You're the best !

helluva chair!

what's with the chairs? i came in late in the joke for this one. Someone tell me,please?

Wow, Rutland. It has a great used bookstore. Great chair!

You should make a coffee table book of photos all the chairs from your travels. I'm pondering one of all the photos I took of my husband napping! 😆

Do me a favor, ask them why they chose that name. (Maybe there's some material to be gotten from the answer.)

Love that chair!

See how classy the chair is? You were hysterical last night!

It was a great show ! I've lost count how many of her shows I have seen but they keep getting better.

Oh geeze, that gave me an eye hurt!!!

The curtain matches?

So can somebody explain to me the story about the chair photos? i've come in late in the joke...

She came to Rutland and leveled the town with her humor. She left us with enough laughs to last us until she comes back, and hopefully that’s soon.

Comedy day San Francisco?

Fan-cy! I hope you were extra funny tonight.

Sorry but I’m all about this Uber cool looking chair. Tre cool! Oh ya and you are interesting … but this chair. 😜

I recommend you wear your purple and green striped suit tonight.

Nice chair...You "done good", Vermont...Well, Rutland, anyway...

Now that's a chair!

Great chair for you! Hope it was cozy.

I love the Killington mountains near by Rutland

Tell them that’s the swankiest chair you’ve had in a while!

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September 16th, 1:52 pm

Right before I told ‘em in Newton, New Jersey. #latergram ... See MoreSee Less

Right before I told ‘em in Newton, New Jersey. #latergram

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Welcome to NJ! Best of luck with the show!

Great show!

Looks like an interview chair 🪑

Enjoyed the show!

Great show as always! 🤣💞

Is that diet Pepsi I see spilled?

Thanks for a fun show in Rutland!!!

Just let me touch that up with a little spot remover before you sit, Ms. Poundstone.

Your chair in Rutland was superior to this one.


Oh, now that’s nice. Just one little stain. Nobody will even notice.

something just not right to have such a chair without some cat hair.

You can always tell a green room by its chair(s). They're the ones taken out of service for upholstery damage issues!

That chair has seen many bums in it's day. Bounce up and down to free a trapped fart in honor of George Carlin and the Fart retrieval league

That's a fine looking chair.

That's a good chair

This looks like one of those chairs that local officials sit in while a 'proxy' of Tony Soprano tells them the business...;-)

The one in The Paramount Theatre is the best….

Very different from Newton Mass

Jersey has the best chairs

tell ‘em!

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Paula..there are so many people who would love to help you! You are famous and so humble ..ask the hotel not give them a once in a life time opportunity to help a celebrity!

I'll make sure to get to your show in El Cajon on 9/29 early so I can shop (I'm thinking hooded sweatshirt) and take a little something off of your load!

You are a NUT❣‼

What???? No elevator?!

Paula do you still carry a VHS/DVD player? I love physical (older) media too. Digital copies of media aren't fully ours. But I worry about you carrying too much. Some is great, because it will keep you strong! But please don't do too much.

I'm no efficiency expert (had to spell check efficiency) but a possible solution might be to ship the "merch" ahead of time to the various venues? Now I know that one of the drawbacks is that it gets "stolen" without your watchful eye attending to it, BUT that not be so bad? If people are in such a state that they resort to stealing Poundstone Pussy Pillows, isn't the world a better place if you just look the other way and provide them a ray of sunshine? 🤔

Welcome to Vermont!! And to think I went all the way to Ogunquit to see you 🤣😂. Actually I LOVE Ogunquit so it worked out well. My dad said I should just go see you again since you're here but I said what am I made of money?!?!

Oh, Paula, we're not getting any younger. Would it be feasible to ship the merchandise separately ahead of you?

I hope plenty of sales made and far lighter load home.

Good thing you aren't the drummer too.

As always, it depends on what you do with it.

You could go into Food Service.

How are your shoulders not wrecked

I hear you!

omg think I've been there

ur so smart 🕸

How do we get some merch?

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September 16th, 1:46 pm

Checking in for #caturday ... See MoreSee Less

Checking in for #Caturday

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I brush my long haired cats every Saturday and call it Caturday!

Gorgeous kitties 🐈‍⬛

Looks like you got it covered!

😍 love it

Are these all yours? How wonderful! What does your puppy think?

How many cats do you have?

One of these things is not like the others... 🎶

Nice. Home is where the cats are. ❤ #catmomlife

I sneezed just looking at this

Love all the pets. I've been feeling a need for a kitten. I currently have a dog and a cat.

I'm almost certain there is a 12-Step program for this...

I thought I was at my limit with 4 cats, but my kiddo brought home a stray and we didn’t have a cat that color so 5 cats it is 😂

They are ,"All" ❤️ loved.


Happy Caturday, PAULA POUNDSTONE! Besides my 2 adult adopted recuse cats, here are my current 6 fosters from two litters; I volunteer for a feline animal rescue nonprofit. Meet Georgie, Olive, Zoey, Charlie, Crow, and Magpie! All 1-2 pounds and abandoned in bad shape. And they are doing so well now! Keep the cat posts coming. 🥰

Beau’s daddy got home from the hospital last night and was so happy to see the kitties! Beau was…conflicted 😸

Here is a link to a great kitten rescue video. At one point the rescuer mentions how many other cats they already have in the household - it’s a lot. It’s enjoyable. Mostly about the kitten’s progress from terrified feral to confident pet.

OneEyed Willie sends his love

Too many!

This is Smorz. He was a free cat at the rescue. We all know what that means. It took awhile, be he has adjusted well. ❤️

A butt-sniffing’ good time!

This was my cat, ZoomZoom. He recently passed at 21 years old. 💔

My friend has a kitty 🐈‍⬛ And she is 25 years old And going strong!

Little doubt in my mind that the carpet needs a good steam cleaning.

Nice kitties! Way to go! Be careful, it’s so easy to go too far. Lol.

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It is indeed "bucolic"...🤗

Thank you for making me have to look up another word today. I appreciate the homework. Good Scrabble word too!

Great video.

If you think New Jersey is beautiful, you need to come to northern Michigan!!!

Love you!!

Great show in Newton, NJ tonight. Haven't laughed that hard in decades! Thank you Paula Poundstone!! And I have to give a shout out to the Head Teller as well as the Mary Poppins of education for providing the fodder upon which you so skillfully feasted!

Get well and lose that bucolic cough ASAP!

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