Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is a comedy field guide to life, or at least a set of IKEA assembly instructions. Where else can you find advice on topics from "How To Keep a Friend" to "How To Translate Your Verizon Bill?" Or even "What do I do if I encounter a Bear" and "Should I Get a Penis Piercing?"

Paula and her co-host Adam Felber bring on leading expert guests and use their unique comedic sensibility to help us navigate life in the 21st century. Along the way, Paula attempts to explains existence through her kaleidoscopic perspective, and Adam tries to interject some rationality.

Paula Poundstone is a nationally known comedian, legendary for her smart spontaneous humor. She and Adam are regular panelists on NPR's #1 show, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Mar 28, 2023
Ep 246: Your Brain In Love… with Dr. Philip Stieg
Love is a many-splendored thing, love is a drug, love is all you need… but what is it, really? What does love look like in your brain and body? Dr Philip Stieg is here to explain the physiological effects of Cupid’s arrow. Also, you had some strong reactions to Bonnie ... Read More
Mar 21, 2023
Ep 245: Elaine Swann on Post-Pandemic Etiquette!
Of all the things Covid took from us, what we tend to ignore is our manners. How do we behave now that we haven’t HAD to behave for a couple of years? Returning champion Elaine Swann is here to school us on the niceties of niceties. Plus, for your information… it’s ... Read More
Mar 14, 2023
Ep 244: How to Vegan with Alyssa Fontaine
The endless dilemma for diet- and planet-conscious omnivores is this: “Okay, but I love _____! How do I replace that and still enjoy life?” Vegan nutritionist Alyssa Fontaine is here to walk us down the Garden Path. And speaking of garden paths, our own Bonnie Burns tries to green up ... Read More
Mar 7, 2023
Ep 243: Congressional Ethics? with Paul Solis
“Congressional Ethics” sounds like an oxymoron, which is why Former Deputy Chief Counsel for the Office of Congressional Ethics Paul Solis’ old job is so important. And why some congressmen are trying eliminate it, naturally. He’s here to talk all about it. And after we unravel that riddle, it’s time for another ... Read More
Feb 28, 2023
Ep 242: We’d Like to Thank the Academy – No, Really!
The history of film is too long and deep to be captured by any one source… — plot twist! — OR IS IT!? We’ve got Randy Haberkamp, the EVP of the library and archives of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to talk about all the classic movies Adam won’t ... Read More
Feb 21, 2023
Ep 241: It’s Exactly Rocket Science
Actual rocket scientist Julie Zingerman is here to tell us all about how to make a graceful exit from the Earth’s atmosphere and go bang, zoom, to the moon! And then we go somewhere arguably more dangerous, as Toni Anita Hull finally hits that local watering hole – it’s Toni’s Big Bar ... Read More
Feb 14, 2023
Ep 240: (Cross) Checking In with a Flight Attendant
What’s it like on the front lines of in-flight passenger interaction? How do you deal with the angry guy in seat 17D? Why don’t they bring on ice that’s pre-chopped? Former flight attendant/instructor David Johnson flies in to answer our questions. Plus… dim the lights, slip on something comfortable, and ... Read More
Feb 7, 2023
Ep 239: How to Become a MacArthur Genius
First, we don’t officially use the term “MacArthur Genius.” Second, there’s a lot more to know about the MacArthur fellows Program, and it’s director, Marlies Carruth is here to tell us all about it! And then, speaking of genius, you, our lovable and perceptive listeners have some expert advice on ... Read More
Jan 31, 2023
Ep 238: Changing It Up with Jill Schlesinger
We talk about career changes a lot, but how do you really make it happen? How do you manage your life and your money? We have no idea, but returning champion (and author of the new book “The GreatMoney Reset”) Jill Schlesinger does! Plus – we’ve thrown Quote Parties, but ... Read More
Jan 24, 2023
Ep 237: Michael McKean takes Paula “Outside the Actors Studio”
The amazing Michael McKean has to draw on all his experience – from “Laverne and Shirley” to “This is Spinal Tap,” all the way to “ Better Call Saul” – in order to help Paula in her quest to finally nail an audition. Will Paula finally find that thin line ... Read More
Jan 17, 2023
Ep 236: Could Paula be a Park Ranger?
Could Paula find a home on the range, ranging around as a ranger? We arrange to speak to real-life Grand Canyon park ranger Della Yurcik to find out if Paula has what it takes to rescue wanderers and protect pic-a-nic baskets! Plus, we’ve got facts for you – but a ... Read More
Jan 10, 2023
Ep 235: Securing Social Security with John Waggoner
How secure is our Social Security? Is it being squandered or is it being kept safe in some kind of lock box? Is it a Ponzi scheme, and if so, how do we use it to get rich quick? The AARP’s John Waggoner explains it all for us. Plus, Bonnie ... Read More
Jan 10, 2023
Ep 235: Securing Social Security with John Waggoner
How secure is our Social Security? Is it being squandered or is it being kept safe in some kind of lock box? Is it a Ponzi scheme, and if so, how do we use it to get rich quick? The AARP’s John Waggoner explains it all for us. Plus, Bonnie ... Read More
Jan 3, 2023
Ep 234: Spreading the Love at the National Mustard Museum
We love mustard, but what IS it? Where does it come from? Why is it always on shirts and chins? Barry Levenson, curator of the National Mustard Museum, is here to demystify our most mystifying common condiment. And then – we have a show, you have… helpful hints. It’s Mailbag! ... Read More
Dec 27, 2022
Ep 233: Return to “Xanadu”
Should you see the new movie musical “Matilda?” To help you decide, we screen the 1980 musical mess “Xanadu,” starring Olivia’s Newton John, Gene Kelly, the music of ELO, and more roller skates than you’ll ever want to see on one screen. They call it “Xanadu.” Paula calls it… something ... Read More
Dec 20, 2022
Ep 232: Falling for “Falling for Christmas?”
It’s our annual Holiday Movie Review, and this time we have a special one – the unexpected Netflix smash hit, Lindsay Lohan’s “Falling for Christmas!” She fell off a mountain and lost her memory, and – SPOILER ALERT – you’ll wish you had too! The happiest of holidays to all our Nobodies! ... Read More
Dec 13, 2022
Ep 231: Surviving Disaster with Dr. Caroline Hackerott
When it all hits the fan, how do we turn off the fan? Dr. Caroline Hackerott, professor of Emergency Management and Disaster Science is here to ride out the storm with us. And then… they said it, and now we’re saying they said it. It’s the return of Quote Party! GUEST Dr. ... Read More
Dec 6, 2022
Ep 230: Wheelchair Basketball: Wheeling and Dealing w/Alvin Malave
We love basketball, but how does the pick and roll work when you are actually rolling? Wheelchair athlete and coach Alvin Malave stops by to give us the Xs and Os on how the game is played on wheels. And then we keep on a-rolling, right into the Simi Valley for ... Read More
Nov 29, 2022
Ep 229: Do the Gerrymander with Ben Sheehan!
Everybody’s doing it – the hot ol’ dance they call The Gerrymander. But how do we get states to STOP doing it and redistrict fairly? Returning champion Ben Sheehan is here to explain it all. Plus, how can we woo new listeners in Portugal? Maybe with a brand new Toni ... Read More
Nov 22, 2022
Ep 228: The Butler Did It – Could You?
Paula serves her fans beautifully, but could she serve… as a butler? Star butler Andrew Lowrey puts her through her paces. And then, what does every stately home also need? Peacock puppets, of course, and you’ll learn to make them, courtesy of Toni’s Craft Corner. GUEST Andrew Lowrey precisehome.com HOUSE ... Read More